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Jase Stevens


Hey I’m Jase Stevens, body composition specialist and Hammer Fitness coach. Ive been an online coach for 5 years. I initially met Amer Kamra founder of Hammer Fitness, at the 2012 WBFF world championships where he was competing amongst the best in the world at that time. Not only did that show motivate me to compete for the first time a year later, it is also where I was introduced to and joined the Hammer Fitness family.

After achieving a great deal of progress and success with my own body and in my own competitive career, it was natural that people started coming to me for advice and guidance. After a couple years of investing in my education, helping friends, family and acquaintances achieve impressive results, I felt comfortable promoting my services as a professional coach and thats when my career began to flourish. Since then Ive helped hundreds of men and women, young and old, to achieve extremely impressive results above and beyond what even they expected. With as much experience in fitness as I have its safe to say that Ive made every mistake in the book, which is what makes me such a good coach ! My job is to get you to your goal making as few mistakes as possible ! I made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Communication with clients is paramount to the process of coaching. I pride myself on my communication skills and how responsive I am to all of my clients and their needs. I place extreme value on the relationships I develop with my clients. Their goals become my goals, I’m just as if not more motivated to see them achieve their goals as they are themselves !

I also work with clients in person at Hammer Fitness HQ. Looking forward to working with you online or in person !

Education and Certifications

ECS Level 1

ECS Level 2

N1 Education – Biomechanics and Execution

Coaching Achievements

Client 1st place Mens Physique CPA GNC/Allmax Cobourg Naturals

Client 1st place Mens Physique CPA GNC/Allmax Jim Morris Classic

Client 1st place Mens Physique CPA GNC/Allmax Crush Cancer Classic

Client 1st place Classic Physique CPA GNC/Allmax Crush Cancer Classic

Client OVERALL Mens Physique CPA GNC/Allmax Crush Cancer Classic

Client OVERALL Classic Physique CPA GNC/Allmax Crush Cancer Classic

Athletic Achievements

WBFF Montreal Pro/am 2013 – 2nd place Muscle Model

CPA Sudbury Classic Championships 2016 – 1st place Classic Physique

IFBB North Americans 2016 – 4th place mens physique

IFBB North Americans 2017 – 5th place mens physique

Jase Stevens

Jase Stevens

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