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Julia Marie


Hey, I’m Meagan Cormier and I’ve been an online coach for 3 years. I joined Hammer Fitness in October 2016 as a client working with Amer, and officially became a coach with Hammer Fitness near the end of 2017. As a coach with Team Hammer, I work with both lifestyle clients and competitors. I love helping people change their lives creating a healthy lifestyle, and also helping others push themselves past anything they thought possible both mentally and physically to get into the best shape they’ve ever been in.

What I love about being a part of Hammer Fitness is the true team/family/community that has been created. Living in Saskatchewan which is far from where most of the team is located in Ontario, I never once felt distant or like I wasn’t a part of the team. I grew up playing team sports at the highest level and when comparing Team Hammer I without a doubt would say that this team is the most supportive and uplifting team I’ve ever been a part of. Every client supports each other, every coach supports each other, and everyone represents the team with pride, class, and dedication/work ethic to become the best they can be.

Growing up as an athlete playing several sports, I always had a competitive and athletic mentality. I always strived to be my best and achieve any goal I set out to do. I played my 5 years of soccer at the University of Regina, played pro soccer as well as represented team Canada overseas in Europe. Entering the bodybuilding world was very out of my element when it came to the glitz and glam, however the hard work and mentality I was no stranger to. I have now been competing for nearly 4 years within the bikini division, and I am very passionate about not only my goals to achieve my IFBB pro card, but also to help my clients’ goals of achieving their highest level possible on the stage (for those wishing to compete), but also help my lifestyle clients become the best they can in every aspect of their life.

As a coach I am always honest with my clients and will put 100% effort into you as I expect 100% effort back in return. Not every week is perfect, there will be a lot of ups and downs within your journey towards your goals, but I expect your best effort, honesty, and trust within me to help you be successful. Communication is key, and I will always do my best to answer any questions or concerns as soon as possible.

Julia Marie

Julia Marie

Julia Marie

Julia Marie

Julia Marie

Julia Marie

Julia Marie

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