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Rima Kamra


Hi! My name is Rima Kamra. I am a Hammer Fitness Body Transformation Coach. What that basically means, is that I help people get into the best shape of their lives.

I graduated from York University with two degrees in Sociology and Criminology. I also completed my Master’s of Science in Elementary Education. Although I really enjoyed working with children in the school system, I learned very quickly that helping women develop a physique they could fall in love with, was actually my passion. I then went on to complete my CanFitPro Certification and am also currently certified under ECS (Elite Coaching System). I have been published in several top fitness magazines in Canada and have worked with some of the most skilled photographers in the industry.
Getting into the best shape of my life only one year after giving birth to my daughter, was one of the biggest struggles I faced, but also the most rewarding feeling I have experienced. I know what it is like to be unhappy with the reflection you see in the mirror everyday but I also know what it takes to achieve the ultimate level of confidence. Not only did my personal transformation help me to develop a physique that I have always dreamt of, but I have also found a way to battle depression and anxiety which I have suffered from in the past.

I only take on female clientele as I feel that I can relate to women who suffer from body image issues. I feel that my purpose in life is to help women learn to overcomes those issues, as I have done for myself. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that I am changing lives, one body at a time!

Rima Kamra

Education and Certifications

York University with two degrees in Sociology and Criminology

Master’s of Science in Elementary Education

Elite Coaching System Level 1

Can Fit Pro

Rima Kamra

Rima Kamra

Rima Kamra

Rima Kamra

Rima Kamra

Rima Kamra

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