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Hammer Fitness Coach

Tasha Star

Canadian National Champion

Hi! I’m Tasha Star (aka Tasha Star Fitness as I’ve come to be known from my IG 😉 ). I have been coaching since 2013 and started working with Hammer Fitness in 2015 as one of the first coaches in addition to Amer. I relate to many sides of this industry, which in turn has given me a deep understanding of clients individual needs and goals. Having been a lifestyle client myself at one point, to a full fledged competitor, I know what it takes to achieve different levels of physical fitness, and to be successful in doing so! I also know the struggles that come along with that, which I feel helps me be a better coach as well. 

In addition to my education and experience in fitness, I have extensive education and practice as a psychotherapist. This has also been a huge advantage for me working with clients, especially with working thorough difficult situations some individuals encounter, including but not limited to: personal stress, lack of direction, lack of motivation, bad relationships with food, body image issues, etc. I tend to attract mostly female clients and specialize in prepping women for the bikini division, however my experience ranges across all genders, ages, goals and experience levels!

As a coach, I try to lead by example for my clients, living the “fit life” year round. I believe in 100% dedication to goals whether I’m on or off season. Improvements are made when you commit to this lifestyle in every way, and I do everything in my power to be an example of that!

Working with me will be fun but hardcore! I have very high standards for my clients and will push you to your absolute limits, but will give you tons of support, care and encouragement along the way! I truly want my clients to be successful, but your happiness is also a priority for me. MY goal is to help you make YOUR goals a REALTY, so lets MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Education & Certifications

B.A. – University of Toronto

Post Grad Psychotherapy Certification – T.I.R.P

Eugene Tao Seminar 2018

Online Coaching Certification  – ECS1 2017 and ECS1 2019 (revised)

Coaching Achievements

2014 – Katerina M 1st and Overall bikini

2016 – Kirsten L 1st and Overall bikini. Jenn K regional 1st place and provincial 1st place bikini. Nat R 1st place bikini.

2017 – Kelsey 3rd place open provincials, 1st place regional, 1st place natural provincials bikini. Kirsten 3rd place natural nationals bikini. Nat R 5th place open nationals bikini. Carli J 2nd place NPC novice bikini. Katie M 1st place NPC bikini. Janet 1st and overall masters bikini. 

2018 – Carli J 3rd and 2nd place NPC bikini. Katie M 1st place NPC bikini. Nat R 2nd place Toronto Pro Qualifier. Cindy F 4th place open bikini and 1st place bikini masters Toronto Pro Qualifier.

……and many, MANY more top 5 finishes!!!

Also, several athletes have been featured in Inside Fitness Magazine for their transformations, and for the yearly Hot and Fit 100! 

Athletic Achievements

2015 – 1st and Overall Miss Ontario Bikini

2016 – 6th Arnold Amateur (class of 48 bikini C), 4th Canadian Nationals, 7th North Americans (class of 52 bikini C)

2017 – 2nd Canadian Nationals, 4th Weider Cup

2018 – 2nd Toronto Pro Qualifier, 4th Van Pro Qualifier, 1st Canadian National Pro Qualifier

(Non Fitness)

National Level Competitive Equestrian growing up with numerous top 5 finishes, wins, and a final result of 2nd overall in Canada one season! 

Publications & Media

Inside Fitness – several features and several top 10 finishes in the Hot and Fit 100 including 3rd place in 2015.

Muscle Insider – features

Strong Magazine – workout feature

Muscle Insider – feature

Muscle Memory – feature

Muscle and Fitness Australia – feature

EVE Magazine – feature

IRONMAN Magazine – 6 page spread in 2015

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