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Hammer Fitness Blog

Transformation is his domain. Amer Kamra went from transforming his online clients’ physiques to becoming a much sought-after business coach.

Amer founded three online fitness coaching brands: Hammer Fitness, LadytheFup, and MantheFup, and along with his 25 employees, have created wildly successful businesses. The entire business model is to succeed as an online business.

As gyms were shutting their doors, thousands of fitness professionals found themselves out of work and possibly a career. This is where Kamra’s entrepreneurial mind kicked into high gear. There will still be hundreds of thousands of people worldwide seeking health and fitness guidance to manage their stress, poor eating, and health. With no end to lockdowns insight, virtual strangers were reaching out to him daily, asking if he would mentor them. He had already built successful businesses online; why not monetize his business acumen and experience?

Most fitness professionals are good at what they know, making fitness programs for a myriad of goals.
Amer noticed a missing link; how would the fitness professional transition their entire bricks-and-mortar business to an online platform?

Using the rationale, not everyone will have the budget for expensive home delivery cardio equipment or daily personal training, but they will for programs that deliver results. His business coaching enterprise has already helped fitness professionals make the transition online, and some are already enjoying sales of 20K a month.