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Hammer Fitness Coach

Amer Kamra

Head Coach

Amer Kamra is the driving force of Hammer Fitness! Amer is also known as The Hammer, which suits his blunt, targeted approach to fitness coaching. Those who work with him use words like, “life changing, expert, no BS, tough love, relentless”- as he pours his heart and soul into his clients.

Amer is a Toronto, Canada based trainer and coach whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, fitness competitors and everyday people. His reach spans across the globe, where he has been able to establish “personal training” virtually- with clients feeling like they he is there in person.

Amer was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. An avid athlete, Amer began a commercial and fashion modelling career in 2006 and then went on to competing in fitness competitions where he became the youngest male pro fitness model in the world.

Amer obtained a degree in Architectural engineering in 2008 and while he did not pursue a career in this field, the principles of physics have been a strong foundation to his training approach. Amer is currently doing his Masters in Resistance Training in Oklahoma City USA.

Education & Certifications

Masters in Resistance Training RTSm Oklahoma USA 2019

Architectural Engineering GBC 2008

Owner and inventor of ECS Elite Coaching System Body Composition Specialist

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist


FMS Functional Movement Screening


N1 Education

Coaching Achievements

Tana McGowan Bodybuilding Canadian Title IFBB PRO

Shane Makan Mens Physique IFBB PRO

Jason McGraw Mens Physique IFBB PRO

Margherita Di Bari Miss Fitness Canada IFBB PRO

Lyndon Anderson Mr Canada Mens Physique IFBB PRO

Julia Marie Miss Canada IFBB PRO

Doug Heron Mr Canada Classic Physique IFBB PRO

**The only Canadian to win 3 IFBB Pro Cards in a single show**

Danny Zaccolo IFBB PRO Classic Physique Open

Danny Zaccolo IFBB PRO Classic Physique Masters

Danny Zaccolo IFBB PRO Mens Physique

Tyler Johnson Mr Canada Classic Physique IFBB PRO

Erada Humbatova Miss Bikini Canada IFBB PRO


Athletic Achievements


Publications & Media


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