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Hammer Fitness Coach

Billy Pope

Assistant Coach

Billy Pope is known as an engaging and highly energetic coach, he has the ability to connect and relate to audiences at any level.


He has proudly been in the fitness industry for over 15 years sharing his passion and competing in over 10 shows. In his younger years he was always very athletic and played competitive sports. Billy initially joined Hammer Fitness in 2018 in search of a Pro Card under the guidance of Amer Kamra, he soon realized this was a place he would call home.


Helping you become the healthiest, happiest, most successful version of yourself is what he strives for. This also covers performance, mindset and lifestyle. Billy is extremely passionate and he is driven by your results, he is here to assist you on your journey and this creates a partnership for success.


Billy attributes his success to his love and passion for his family. His clients have great respect for his persistence, hands on methods, superior communication and unequaled knowledge, among others.


Billy works with clients both in person and online and his knowledge in the fitness industry is unmatched. With his approach and methods expect to exceed your own expectations.

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