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Hammer Fitness Coach

Gabby Trpkoska

Bikini Posing Coach

Hi there! I’m Gabriela, but call me Gabby! I’m the Hammer Fitness bikini posing coach. As a first time competitor, I know it can be frustrating when you first begin posing, but that’s where I come in! We’ll be working together throughout your prep as we work towards perfecting your posing before you step on stage!
Growing up, I was very active and part of all the major sports teams in middle and high school. In addition, I actively danced with a Macedonian folk dance group for about two years. After high school, I went to college to complete a medical office administration diploma and work at a sports medicine clinic.
I was always in and out of the gym, but didn’t have a set goal, until I joined Hammer Fitness in August 2017. I initially joined as a lifestyle client with the intention of stepping on stage later on. In April 2018, I stepped on stage for my first show at the Cobourg Naturals where I placed 3rd in my class. After taking some time off to build, I teamed up with Amer the Hammer Kamra in October 2018 to begin my 2nd prep (and 1st under his guidance) for my 2nd show ever where I won 1st in my class AND overall bikini.
After a few years living in Toronto, I moved out to Winnipeg, MB. Living out of province you’d think you would feel left out, but it’s the complete opposite; I feel like I never left! Being part of Hammer Fitness you always feel like part of a family because everyone is always so supportive of each other, regardless of the distance.
I’m always eager to answer any questions I can in the best way that I can! I look forward to working with each and every bikini competitor so they’re able to showcase their physique in the best possible way!

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