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Is it possible to spot reduce fat?


Yes! Without a doubt. While many still believe that its not possible to reduce fat in the glute or legs, we have found a tremendous amount of success doing so with our bikini ladies.


Erada Humbatova newly crowned IFBB Bikini Pro and Miss Canada had cellulite in her legs and glutes yet still managed to lean out her legs tremendously without distorting the look go her upper body or musculature in her lower body.


So how did she do it?

She used a strategic, systematic approach where she focused on being in a ‘fat loss phase’ for 3 months. The goal wasn’t to build muscle, it was to lose fat. She didn’t touch any weights for 4 months. She did cardio daily, followed a healthy diet that was anti inflammatory.


Once much of the stubborn fat dissipated from her lower body, we added in resistance training once again. Key movements to isolate and fill out the muscles in certain areas such as the hamstring and gluteus where fat is most stubborn. As a a result, the images you see were a byproduct of the success she had using this approach.


Amer Kamra

Hammer Fitness