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Hammer Fitness Blog

Ill share a story I never told anybody about the birth of Hammer Fitness HQ.

Many people know I was working with World Gym Scarborough since they opened their doors in 2014— In mid 2018 the owner [ my friend Amr Saber] sold the gym. 

The new owner didn’t want to continue the partnership with Hammer Fitness. I had 2 weeks to figure out my next move. 

Hammer Fitness has always been primarily an online based business; we coach people in dozens of countries around the world including Canada, USA, China, Taiwan, Australia, England, France, Italy, Spain and the list goes on.

I never had a desire to own a brick and mortar business, Hammer Fitness has grown since I started it, year after year. Why take on the responsibility of owning a physical space if our business was online right?

I was wrong, but keep reading…

I still wasn’t sold on the idea of opening our own space just yet.  I found another gym that would honour the same agreement I had with World Gym. They’d give us freedom to house and meet our online clients, they’d allow us to do workshops, posing seminars and essentially add value to Hammer Fitness.

A few weeks after leaving World Gym, we migrated over to DNA Fitness.  I showed up Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with no issues.


Friday morning[of my first week] I showed up to this notice on the door; they were evicted. And I guess I was too—haha 

They owed over $500 000 and based on the amount, I knew they weren’t planning on paying it back.

I was angry, confused, but I had faith and I laughed as I left. I thought to myself ‘just my luck’ but deep down I knew I was being redirected toward what I should have been doing for years. For a moment I felt like a failure, but then I remembered that in life it doesn’t matter what happens, its how you react to each situation that dictates the end result.

I was either going to cry about it, and continue to put my fait and success int he hands of somebody else or I was going to do what no online coaching business had done before and take a chance and take a risk!

Opening a physical location for Hammer Fitness.  Regardless of the cost and responsibility, I knew this would be a HUGE value add to Hammer Fitness. Not only did we have a strong online coaching presence but we would also have a physical presence by opening up a private personal training gym in Toronto.

We use Hammer Fitness HQ to personal train clients, meet online clients, do in person consults even if the client is an online client, have team meetings, do in person check ins, stock inventory and so much more.

We also partnered with Araya Health, an award winning integrated therapy clinic in Toronto as they share space with us.

We are located at 21 Progress Ave Unit 7 just near the DVP and 401.

The lesson I learned through this process was that everything in life happens for a reason; you can look at it from the cliche perspective or you can look at it logically, but either way there is something to gain and learn in every adversity. 

Building Hammer Fitness HQ taught me so much about myself, about business and about creating and providing value for our customers which is the most important thing to me. 

I always want people to have a valuable, positive experience working with Hammer Fitness whether it is online or in person. 

Amer Kamra