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You can swing a hammer 99 times and finally hit the nail into the wood on the 100th attempt deforming the nail in the process. You were technically effective at reaching the goal of driving the nail into the wood but you weren’t efficient or optimal at it. Instead of taking time to learn the skill of using a hammer, most coaches swing randomly and hope for the best.  The approach most people [including many coaches] take is the lets ‘throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks’ approach.  While it may work for a small population of people, and it works for a short period of time for the rest, its not the optimal way of doing it and typically yields less than ideal results.

Working with Hammer Fitness, you will transform your physique in the most optimal way possible! One swing of the hammer to drive the nail into the wood! No deformation of the nail in the process, no wasting time, energy, effort and money only to end up with mediocre results.

We will get you to your goal, once and for all.

Finally, a formula that works!

We have created a formula that works based upon the fundamentals of human achievement, physiology, nutritional sciences and biomechanics. We start by pairing you with one of our coaches that is right for you! Each of our coaches is uniquely skilled in working with specific clients; we always ensure you are working with the coach that is perfect for you.

Nutrition, cardio, training, supplementation is not a guessing game. Thats why we take the guess work out of the process for you.

What you are getting...

Hammer Fitness online coaching is not just a program, its a coaching service. The true value in what we do is in the coaching! The relationship, communication, ability to ask questions, gain insight and knowledge is priceless.

The REAL value is not just in our programming but in our coaching—We do not just sell “meal plans” or “training plans”, we ARE in the business of coaching!

Get Started - Hammer Fitness

With your online coaching package you will receive:

  • Nutrition programs + macros
  • Resistance Training Plans [tailored to your mechanics, your weak points, your goal]
  • Cardio protocols
  • Supplementation protocols
  • Unlimited email support with your coaching
  • An initial Skype/phone call
  • Full Weekly Check in reporting
  • Unlimited access to our private members only Facebook group
  • Tons of discounts with our affiliate companies


It has been documented and proven that we are 78.6% more likely to become successful when we are accountable to somebody when pursuing a goal.

A huge component of your success will come from being accountable through your weekly check ins, communication and relationship with your coach.


Our aim is not to have you depend on your coach forever—Through the accountability process you will develop habits. All successful people achieve success not through discipline or willpower, but through habits! When you stick to something long enough, you develop synaptic connections in the brain; the more you do something, the more these connections strengthen until the ‘thing’ you are doing becomes automatic. This is also known as a ‘habit’.

We work with you to keep you accountable until you reach a point of automaticity when the lifestyle becomes habitual and no longer a challenge for you to maintain.

Get Started - Hammer Fitness

Weekly check in reports

Each week[or more frequent in some cases] you will send your coach a full weekly report, communicating how you feel, your progress, how your week has been.

Based upon that report and communication your coach will make the appropriate changes to ensure you are continuously progressing on a week to week basis.


Our coaches participate in weekly coach educational sessions at Hammer Fitness HQ in Toronto. Our goal is to constantly evolve, educate and innovate our work to ensure the work we are doing with clients is always research drive, up to date and of the highest standard possible. We do not compromise on quality.

Hammer Fitness HQ

Our Hammer Fitness Headquarters also known as Hammer Fitness Gym is located in Toronto Canada. As an “online” client you will have access to training out of Hammer Fitness HQ along with events we host there.


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