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Staying Motivated with your new Fitness Journey

First off happy Monday and happy thanksgiving to my Canadian peeps ! Today I want to chat about people who are just starting their fitness journeys wether that may be tightening up their diet, exercising more, hitting the weights in the gym or all of the above ! Some people say starting is the hardest part, well when it comes to the fitness lifestyle I think the first few months is the hardest part, if you can make it through the first couple months with consistency, it becomes easier and easier to build off that and make this lifestyle something you’ll never want to give up.


SO why do people quit or fall off or lose motivation ?


Unrealistic expectations. If you think you’re going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron or Zack Efron in Baywatch within 3 weeks of finally getting your ass off the couch you’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Understand that an amazing body takes TIME to develop. Set realistic goals for yourself and your progress especially if you’re just starting. Set performance and strength goals for specific exercises (weight x reps x sets), set intensity goals for cardio (calories per min), things that are tangible that give you immediate feedback and gratification when you meet them, hitting those small goals will keep you motivated to get back in the gym day after day. A realistic and safe fat loss goal would be to lose 1% bodyweight per week on AVERAGE. 150 lb person = 1.5 lbs per week weight loss.


EXTREME diets and training programs. Typically when people start to diet or exercise they think they have to go “ALL IN”, meaning they think they have to be very restrictive, eat only the cleanest foods (tilapia and asparagus), cut out all carbs/cut out all fats, do the keto diet, do an hour of cardio per day, workout 7 days a week, NO DAYS OFF BROOOOO. That kind of mentality is again setting yourself up for FAILURE. What you need to understand is that small changes to your routine over time will produce great results and also allow yourself time to adapt, adopt, and make that your new lifestyle. Make a small tweak each week and down the road 12 weeks later, what you thought was impossible is now your norm ! Example, start with weight training 2-3 times per week, very easy to do, allows you enough time to recover and youll be motivated because you were able to get your 2-3 workouts in and you won’t feel discouraged because you didnt hit your 7 workouts this week. Same with dieting, if you eat out (fast food) once a day start by cutting that back to 3-4 times per week. OR maybe make a goal of eating a good protein source every meal. Those things may seem small but they are easy to do and will provide progress when adhered to long term.


Moral of the story, take things slow, have realistic expectations of what you can achieve in a short term basis, don’t think you have to do anything extreme to get results, take joy in winning the little battles and hitting those small goals as they will keep you in it until this becomes a lifestyle youll never want to shy away from !


Coach Jase Stevens