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Hammer Fitness Blog

Coach Amer Kamra and new IFBB Pro Danny Zaccolo set a new record being the first male to win 3X IFBB Pro Cards in a single event. While it may seem like an easy feat considering one person was able to win 3, its not. It takes some people 8-10 years working at the goal of turning pro and they still fall short.


To win 3 in a single night in 3 different categories at the NPC North Americans held by Gary Udit is incredible. Danny earned his pro cards in Mens physique and Classic Physique. ┬áDanny has been part of Hammer Fitness since 2016– he started as a lifestyle client, ended up competing for the first time with us and is a newly crowned IFBB pro athlete as of 2019.


Congratulations Amer and Danny.